The Cast

SWITCHER RED: Raymond, The Ekans-in-Chief


The captain of our fair vessel, and by vessel, we mean the hard drive where all the recordings are stored. His favourite genre of games are art games, whatever that means.

First episode: Stacking – The Lost Hobo King


SWITCHER GREEN: Alia, The Lesbrarian


Alia is our resident comic nerd and superwoman. She aspires to be just like Tony Stark one day, but with less alcohol. Her favourite games are GIRLS DON’T PLAY GAMES.

First episode: Ico HD


SWITCHER VIOLET: Richard, The Shitty Games Expert


Richard has spent many years perfecting the art of the offensive joke, and will not hesitate to show off his expertise. Right now, Richard can be found playing Fire Emblem.

First episode: Ico HD


SWITCHER BLACK: Becky, The Doll-Fearing Christian


Perfectly poised lolita doll by day, easily excitable math addict by night, Becky has charmed her way into our hearts by acing every puzzle game she gets her hands on, because that’s just what a gentleman does.

First episode: Stacking – The Lost Hobo King


SWITCHER WHITE: Oliver, The Gentle Soul


Oliver just wants the world to be happy and perfect for everyone, even if that means a couple bad words get tossed around. The first games he remembers playing are Pokemon Stadium and ATV Off Road Fury.

First episode: Stacking – The Lost Hobo King


SWITCHER PINK: Mack, The Premature Comeback Kid


Mack exudes charisma. He puts everyone at ease, but has many opinions at the same time that he somehow hypnotizes everyone into agreeing with. Perhaps he is not of this world. League of Legends is his poison, and as our newest member, he’ll get the short end of the stick by being known as “the MOBA guy”.

First episode: Ape Escape 3 – Mesal Gear Solid

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