Morphin Grid Alignment

Based on the universe of the Power Rangers as perceived by Ellen Brand

Hosted by Switch On! Please

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The following quiz contains 25 questions. Each question will present you with a situation in the universe of the Power Rangers, and ask you how you would react or what you would do in such a case. Most of the questions are radio buttons that only allow you to choose one answer. However, seven of the questions are checkboxes, and on these, you can check any answer that applies.

Once you've filled in all your answers and also put your name into the form (your e-mail is optional; all this does is e-mail a copy of the answers to you), click the Submit button. The form will then tell you what color Ranger you would be, along with the animal Zord, the side you'd be on, your type of operating style, and a complete breakdown explaining what you received, as well as common examples in modern TV and anime of that color.

If you're interested in seeing what the other options available were but don't feel like changing answers in this quiz constantly, take a look at Ellen Brand's editorial that this quiz drew all its information from. Her fanfics are located here and here if you're interested in seeing her ideas in action. (use the second link for PR fanfics, since it has all her stories in chronological order, unlike

Keep in mind that there are 8 colors in this quiz, though there were only 7 in the show. Ellen created a Purple Ranger for her fanfics that has an eighth personality subset, which better allows everyone to be at least partially represented in this quiz. She also came up with imaginary animals/zords for that Ranger, as well as imaginary ones for the Green Thunder and Ninjazord and White Dinozord we never got in the show. So don't be surprised if you take the quiz and receive results that you don't recognize from what you watched.

UPDATE 10-01-2013 7:59pm EST - Switch On! Please has graciously offered to host this quiz in its multi-year absence from the internet!
UPDATE 09-20-2009 7:30pm EST - Received a suggestion for a third answer to question 15.

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  1. You and your closest friends have been chosen to become Power Rangers. How do you personally react to the summons? Check all that apply.
    It sounds interesting. You like fighting for your morals, so why not?
    It sounds interesting, but it also sounds pretty far-fetched.
    Nervous. If it's even real, it sounds like it could be pretty dangerous.
    This makes no sense whatsoever. There's no point in even accepting a task so obviously made up.

  2. You accept the oppurtunity to become a Power Ranger... but why? Check all that apply.
    You've always had a dream of fighting the good fight, of serving in a higher capacity.
    You've dreamed of gaining legitimacy and popularity as a result of having superpowers.
    You want to take it to the enemy because they're the exact opposite of everything you stand for.
    You want to take it to the enemy because it's about time someone took those punks down from their high horses.
    You want to protect your friends from being hurt by the enemy, and this is the best way to do it.

  3. Your group of Rangers has just been chosen. But between the lot of you, who will probably end up being the leader?
    You. You're a natural born leader and have a good grasp of strategy, though you sometimes have issues inspiring your teammates. No-one else is really qualified to take the job anyways.
    You. You're a good leader-type, you're self-sacrificing, and you will never put your group into a situation they won't come out of if you can help it. However, you only follow orders if you respect the person giving them, and if you don't agree with their orders, there's probably going to be friction, so you might as well just be the person giving the orders anyways.
    Not you. You have leadership qualities, and will carry the burden if necessary, but you'd prefer for it not to be necessary unless the leader's incapacitated.
    Not you. You have good logic sense and can understand strategy, but you're not leader material.
    Not you. You have plenty of common sense to get you through battles, but you're not leader material.

  4. Code of honor. Everyone follows one. But whose do you follow?
    Your own. If the code of honor your team goes by matches yours, then all the better. But you're not going to follow their lead if they're doing something you don't agree with.
    Your own. But you have a good chunk of respect for the official code of your side, so even if you don't agree with something, you'll generally go along with your team.
    Your side's official code. You fight for your side, so it only makes sense that you follow the orders and morals that comes with that side.

  5. Have you ever had to deal with internal problems? Not sure if you're on the correct side of the war? Painful secrets hidden in your past?
    All the time. You toe the line more than any of your teammates, and you have at least one skeleton in your closet.
    Some. You've had issues, but you've dealt with them, and they don't pop up anymore except for minor occasions.
    Very little. You've gone through some distress in the past, but it was mild.
    Never. You're practically the perfect example of your side's morals.

  6. Your mentor is about to send you into battle, and is planning on teleporting you into a specific point on the battlefield. How do you react to his decision?
    Notice that his drop point has the potential of getting you flanked by the enemy, and ask him about the wisdom of this particular plan.
    Notice that his drop point has the potential of getting you flanked by the enemy, but keep your mouth shut because you trust his judgement.
    Notice that something feels funny about the plan, but you don't know what it is, so you keep quiet.
    You see no obvious flaws and decide to go with the flow.

  7. Now that the battle plan has been set, your team is in the processing of morphing, and you're mentally gearing yourself up for the fight to come. How do you plan on doing things once you're out there?
    You've got plenty of common sense; you plan on using your wits to see you through this battle.
    You're trying not to be full of unnecessary energy. You realize that going into the battle calm and patient is the way to see yourself through.
    You're ready to pull out your weapon and knock out some footsoldiers.

  8. Your team just lined up in front of a monster and pulled out weapons to prepare for battle. Before you can start, however, the monster teleports in two dozen footsoldiers. Where do you find yourself when the battle starts?
    Running straight for the monster. He's the greater danger; he needs to go down as soon as possible.
    In the back of the field, taking out footsoldiers. The monster needs to go down, but you're content to wait for him to engage instead of you starting the fight.
    In the back of the field, using footsoldiers to make it look like you're not concerned with the enemy, when in reality you're about to spring a surprise attack on him from long distance.
    Taking out footsoldiers around the battlefield. When the monster decides it's time to deal with you, he'll have to come to you himself.

  9. With the footsoldiers in your immediate vicinity out of the way, you find yourself paired up against the monster. You're not sure yet what he's capable of. What do you do?
    Throw yourself at him. You're sure to wear him down as you fight him continously.
    Throw yourself at him. But keep an eye on what he does and change your fighting tactics as you go.
    Wait and see what he does. Best to get a good read on him before you get yourself knocked out by surprise.

  10. The monster you're fighting just hit you with a sneak attack that slammed you into a nearby wall and embarassed the heck out of you. What do you feel? Check all that apply.
    Anger. That was dirty trick, and that monster's gonna pay for screwing with you. You're already seeing red.
    Anger. The monster had to have realized that getting you annoyed would just get his own behind handed to him, and you're intent on proving it to him. You're rather icy with your sudden fury.
    Admiration. That was a dirty trick. You might wanna add it to your own reportoire, after you hit him back with a sneaky trick of your own.
    Frustration. That little trick hurt, and the monster's not giving you time to take a breather and make sure you're physically okay.
    Calm. You're a little hurt, but the fight is more important than stopping to take stock of yourself.
    Intensity. That monster stands for everything you're against, and he just proved it. Time to take him out.
    Creativity. That little sneak attack just gave you an idea. Time to use your skills and/or the environment against this guy.
    Creativity. You just got an idea from that attack. You'll need a special device to pull your own trick off.
    Creativity. You just figured out a weakness in his attack pattern you can take advantage of. Time to rally the team to give you a hand.
    Creativity. You just figured out a weakness in his attack pattern you can take advantage of. But you need to wait to pass the idea on to your leader first.

  11. The battle degrades into a free-for-all and you know a way to get your team to win. To do so, however, requires you to use a tactic that's generally used by your enemies, and you know your teammates would be pissed at you for breaking your side's morals to do so. But this is the way that would finish the battle the quickest and with the least amount of pain by far. What do you do?
    Do it. You'll deal with the consequences later.
    Wait. There might be another way out.
    Don't do it. It's not worth the trouble.

  12. Before you can do so, the enemy grabs a child by the throat and uses the kid as a shield. What do you do now?
    Stop. Call for backup so that the enemy can be distracted long enough to get the child to safety.
    Modify the tactic so that you hit the enemy but not the kid, if possible. The enemy still needs to go down regardless.
    Use the tactic anyways. Since this enemy is about to destroy an entire city, one small life is worth the cost.

  13. Your idea didn't work. What do you do now?
    You're patient. It may take a bit, but you'll figure out a way to take him down.
    Figure something else out quickly. No use continuing with a bad idea, but you can't waste too much time coming up with an alternate strategy either.
    Use the same tactic again. It was a solid plan; it's going to work sooner or later if you keep bombarding him with it.

  14. The monster has just cornered you, and the rest of your team is busy with footsoldiers. What do you do?
    Attack the monster. They're too busy to help, and you're used to fighting on your own anyways.
    Attack the monster. And call for backup anyways. If a friend or two can get over to help you, you'll have an easier time.
    Run for it. Call for backup as you go though; you won't be able to distract the monster forever.
    Run for it. But since the team's too busy to help, you'll need to come up with some way of taking him out on your own.

  15. You figured out a second surefire way to take out the enemy, but there's a slight problem. There's a dozen civilians behind him, and you taking him out may put them in danger. What do you do?
    Go for it. They'd be in danger anyways, and with the enemy gone, they'll be in less danger.
    Change position and put yourself between the monster and the civilians. It's your job to protect them and you're better protected than they are anyway. If your new plan still works from this new position, all the better, but the civilians come first.
    Don't do it. Better to keep them safe and figure out another way of taking him out.

  16. The monster is on the ropes. He can fall with a single hit by an individual weapon, though your team usually finishes off their enemies with the combination blaster formed by joining all the individual weapons. How do you finish him off?
    Take him out yourself. There's no point in waiting.
    Wait for the team to form their combo blaster, toss off a cocky taunt, and let him have it.
    Get your personal weapon ready, but wait for the others. Just in case anyone else wants to call dibs for the kill.
    Hold back and wait to form the combo blaster. Team effort and what not, and generally the team leader takes the spotlight more often than you do anyways.

  17. The battle is over, but one of your teammates took a fierce hit and has a broken arm. What do you do?
    Give them what physical care you can and then get them into a healing tank as fast as possible.
    Get them in a healing tank... and when they get out, work them to figure out what they did wrong in the battle that got their arm broken in the first place, so they can prevent it in the future.
    Let the medics take care of it. You'd have no idea what you were doing, and you're just likely to make the arm worse.

  18. Your leader is talking to the press. They didn't see you make the killing shot on the enemy; they only saw your leader escorting a politician to safety. How do you feel?
    Annoyed. This was your victory, and your limelight is being stolen.
    Annoyed. The press is pretty stupid to stroll out onto a battlefield, even if the immediate danger has passed.
    Apathetic. You have a job to do, and a victory for one member of the team is a victory for the whole team, so it's not a big deal.

  19. Your base has just been trashed by the enemy. They've left... but may already be on the way back to finish the job. What do you do? Check all that apply.
    Take inventory of your options. Figure out what each individual member of your group can do to help with the situation.
    Make sure that none of your friends are hurt, and get to work fixing their injuries if they are.
    Start working on the base's electronics, trying to figure out what's salvagable and what's not.
    Make sure that none of your friends are depressed and begin buoying their spirits; just because they're down doesn't mean they're out.
    Attempt to track the enemy based on any sort of electronic signature or shred of evidence they may have left behind.
    Act as guard to make sure the enemy won't infiltrate the base again.
    Wait patiently for your team's commander to begin issuing orders since they'd know where best to put you.
    Wait anxiously for the commander's orders, trying not to be too nervous of the immediate future.

  20. While the team works on repairing the base, you all need to figure out what to do next. Several plans have been offered.
    One of the plans involved waiting for things to calm down before starting up a tactic that takes a bit of finesse to pull off. That one sounds fun.
    You heard a plan that sounds like it involves a lot of beating up the enemies to get revenge. You like that one.
    A mentioned idea for a plan had various things involved, but it seemed to be the easiest plan to implement out of all the ones thrown out. You want to go for this one.

  21. You actually managed to capture one of the enemies who previously trashed your base. What do you do?
    Interrogate them.
    Beat the mess out of them for what they did.
    Interrogate and beat them up, but interrogate first.
    Interrogate and beat them up, but beat them up first.

  22. A mechanical device in the base just malfunctioned. What do you do?
    Immediately get to work on fixing it. You've always wanted to know how the nuts and bolts of this thing was set up anyways; this is a good oppurtunity to find out.
    Create a new version of the device. That one was old and limited in scope; you know the theory and can whip together something to do a much more thorough job of it.
    Sit back and let the technicians handle it. You have no earthly idea how that thing does what it does anyways... so long as it gets its job done. Although you are moderately interested in how it works.
    Sit back and let the technicians handle it. You don't know how that thing works, and as long as it works, you don't care.

  23. One of your teammates just got back from being mind-controlled and having fought for the enemy. They're suffering from a lot of internal problems and emotional distress as a result. What do you do? Check all that apply.
    Make sure they know that you're there for them, whenever they need it. Hanging out, a punching bag, whatever.
    Make sure they know that you're there for them. You're shy to the point that your friends have to draw you out of your own shell half the time, so you're not familiar with what you should do in this situation, but that doesn't mean you're not going to help this teammate.
    Spend more time with them, making sure to offer hugs and hand/shoulder squeezes. They need to realize that their friends still love them, and physical contact from those who care is often the best way to do this.
    Sit down with them and figure out what the various sources of their emotional pain are and fix them.
    Be yourself around them; you're a bastion of your side's ideals, and the teammate can't help but be comforted by the fact that you, as a radically different person from the type of enemy they had become, still feels that they're a friend.
    There's a high chance that you were the one that got mind-controlled. Trouble does seem to follow you pretty often.
    Make sure they know that you're there for them. You're pretty finicky about the people you allow to become your friends, but those few who ARE your friends, you're fiercely loyal to, and this teammate has earned that right.

  24. The last two weeks have been full of non-stop fighting against the enemy. The entire team is depressed and tired. What do you do? Check all that apply.
    Cheer everybody up. Left in your naturally outgoing personality for an hour, the rest of the team has no choice but to feel slightly better.
    Cheer everybody up. You're pretty artistic; singing, instrument playing, storytelling, etc. You can find some sort of way to get their minds off their problems.
    Rack your brain for some way of giving the team downtime without getting them killed.
    Distract the team's attention by playing little jokes on everybody. While it may get them mildly annoyed at you, it will cheer them up at least.
    Figure out some way of using the base's mechanical resources to stop the enemy from attacking so much.
    Tell everybody that everything's going to be okay. You know that deep down, and nobody else has a reason to not believe you. You're pretty trustworthy.
    Force everyone to take an hour-long nap right now. The rest of the world will have to live without them for a bit.

  25. Two of your teammates have just gotten into a brawl. What do you do? Check all that apply.
    Break them up with a stern warning that the team has no time for things like this.
    Break them up and figure out what their problems are so they can air their grievances without violence in the future.
    Break them up... and attempt to change the subject.
    Stand back. You really want to help, and it hurts you to see them hurting each other, but there's nothing you can do until they stop.
    Stand back. They need to work their issues out if all of you are to be an effective team, and sometimes this really is the best way.
    Stand back. You don't know what to do, and you'd just be liable to get yourself hurt if you tried to help.
    Stand back. You're kind of confused over the fact they they're even having problems in the first place. You're all supposed to be united in your efforts, aren't you?

Thanks go to Ellen Brand for allowing me to use her Morphin Grid theory to make this quiz, and also giving me some ideas on questions to ask in it. Additional thanks go to Alan Wilkinson for suggesting a new answer to an old question. Finally, much thanks to Raymond Chan of Switch On! Please for hosting it after my site went kaput!