Henshinanigans Episode 07: Used or New, I Don’t Wear Them On My Face (Please Respond)

Originally recorded on April 25, 2015.

After a lot of personal and technical issues, we’re back for the five people who listen! Nothing in this is particularly relevant anymore, but starting at 51:09 until 2:36:46 we do watch a little movie called Hentai Kamen (http://tinyurl.com/nnoone6) about how to justify being a pervert — and the answer is by saving lives, people. Featuring a greedy Swagnet States Britbong in place of DJ.

GabuAnon and SwagScrub releases now hosted on this site, and you can also find more of SommenRider on the ROFLcast! Remember to listen to mecha/anime music at http://r-a-d.io, and stay tuned for the Rider Club Radio x Henshinanigans Podcast Taisen 2015!

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Next episode will be from late July, and hopefully released sooner than this one was. Thanks for hating!

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